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The Fjällräven Compass

Keeping us on the right path


Producing with respect to nature, people and animals is multifaceted. It requires a holistic approach. And this approach is built on the idea of looking for long-term solutions and constantly improving. This filters down to how we work with producers, suppliers, animals, materials and our own team members.

To help us find our way and keep us on the right path we developed The Fjällräven Way a written document that, like a compass and a map, guides our decision-making. The four points of the Fjällräven compass are: Nature and Environment; Economy and Business Processes; Social Responsibility; and last but not least, Wellbeing. If we pause for a minute, and consider how the choices we make affect the four cardinal directions in the compass, and if we succeed in ensuring a balance within all four areas, we’re able to make sustainable decisions – big and small – every day.

Fjallraven Compass

Want to know more? Download the Fjällräven Code of Conduct.

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